Sustainability & The Environment

We work hard to lower our carbon footprint

We adopt an environmentally-conscious approach across all our processes

As a company, we believe that we all have a responsibility to make responsible purchasing decisions - ones which minimise waste and try and protect our planet for future generations. From the windows themselves to our manufacturing processes - we're passionate about doing our bit, by providing customers with a viable and environmentally-conscious alternative to timber. Welcome to the next generation of windows and doors.

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    Increased energy efficiency in homes

    We use uPVC to manufacture our collections, which is an insulating material, contributing to lower energy bills and lower carbon emissions.

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    Fully Recyclable up to 10 times

    All of our manufactured windows and doors can be fully recycled and are partly made from recycled materials. As a company, we try and stick to a zero-waste policy - even recycling our plastic swarf!

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    Non-toxic manufacturing processes

    We don't use any toxic paints, primers, preservatives or fungicides so that the windows stay looking brand new.

Committed to sustainability & reducing waste

We ensure all our manufacturing off-cuts are recycled and re-purposed. Our windows themselves are fully recyclable, need practically no maintenance and will help to cut your energy bills and carbon emissions.