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Handcrafted with precision Timberweld® technology

  • Architects & Designers

    Perfect your vision with bespoke windows & doors - flush inside & out

  • Property Developers

    Enhance the curb appeal of your property and increase its resale value

  • Builders & Contractors

    Boost the interior fit-out specification you're able to offer your clients

  • Property Owners

    Increase energy efficiency and give the exterior of your property a makeover

Our advanced timber-alternative welding tech

Our Residence windows are expertly & elegantly engineered with strong & perfectly sealed welds.
No glass bonding required.

We are a market-leading fabricator that use the latest innovative Timberweld® technology to manufacture flush artisan Residence Collection windows that replicate in all aspects the beauty of a traditional timber window - but with less maintenance and increased energy efficiency.

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Modern & Versatile

Discover the Residence 7 Collection

Residence 7 is designed to inspire you on your journey to creating your dream home. Beautifully flush window casements in a range of maintenance-free colours, make it the perfect choice for a wide range of properties.

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Bespoke & Best-in-Class

Introducing the Residence 9 Collection

The exclusive & premium Residence 9 collection is innovatively designed to authentically replicate 19th-century timber. Permitted for conservation areas.

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Bespoke & handcrafted timber-alternative Residence windows

We're one of only a few dedicated fabricators for the Residence collection windows & doors. Designed by Residence. Made by Sedgebrook.

The Residence Collection brings together a suite of premium artisan windows and doors. At Sedgebrook we manufacture this suite using the advanced timber weld technology which creates a flawless, sealed and strong joint on both the vent and the frame. This creates an aesthetically authentic timber alternative with all the benefits of low maintenance, superior performance and a stunning range of colours.

Committed to sustainability & reducing waste

We ensure all our manufacturing off-cuts are recycled and re-purposed. Our windows themselves are fully recyclable, need practically no maintenance and will help to cut your energy bills and carbon emissions.

Building lasting relationships with our customers

We're a manufacturer who prides ourselves on our exceptional products & excellent customer service.

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    Customer focused

    Our mission statement is a simple one, to deliver the very best products whilst providing excellent customer service.  We value your custom and we focus on building long-term relationships so you have a supplier you can rely upon 100% for every single order you place.

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    Unrivalled Support

    We are driven by providing expert help and support so you feel you have a team of experts working alongside you to compliment your business reputation and enhance your own credibility.

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    Quality results

    We are proud to supply Residence Collection windows & quality products, using tried and trusted techniques we ensure on-time delivery, every time. We are able to offer fast turnarounds to give you superb flexibility in offering your services to a wide variety of potential customers to high standards.